How can I remove a section with or without the Java library INI4J?

This does not work

Wini ini = new Wini(File);

I also tried it with the ConfigParser.

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Your code doesn't do anything and definitely does not compile. Wini is not the correct class, per the ini4j docs you need to instantiate an Ini object and remove/create sections using the Section object.

I would highly recommend reading through the Ini4J documentation. The tutorials are great and the examples provided answer your very question!

Though you can also keep reading too...

Given the Ini File


somekey = somevalue

somekey2 = somevalue2

somekey3 = somevalue3

(Using Ini4J)

We can write

Ini iniFile = new Ini(new FileInputStream(new File("/path/to/the/ini/file.ini")));
 * Removes a key/value you pair from a section
// Check to ensure the section exists
if (iniFile.containsKey("Section")) { 
    // Get the section, a section contains a Map<String,String> of all associated settings
    Section s = iniFile.get("Section");

    // Check for a given key<->value mapping
    if ( s.containsKey("somekey") ) { 
        // remove said key<->value mapping

 * Removes an entire section
if (iniFile.containsKey("Section")) { 
    // Gets the section and removes it from the file

// Store our changes back out into the file
iniFile.store(new FileOutputStream(new File("/path/to/the/ini/file.ini")));
  • Thanks a lot. I did read the JavaDocs. I just couldn't get it to work to remove a section. Again, thank you.
    – Verhelst
    Mar 11, 2012 at 11:16

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