I have a simple class:

public class MyClass {

     public final static long MAIN = 1;

     @Setter @Getter
     protected int id;

(@Setter @Getter are lombok annotations for Setter and Getter methods.)

In Freemarker template I would like to create a condition like:

<#if myClassInstance.id == myClassInstance.MAIN>

But the right hand side of the if expression is according to FreeMarker undefined. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

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The template language is not aware of Java classes. But you can expose static members through the data-model (template context). See: http://freemarker.org/docs/pgui_misc_beanwrapper.html#autoid_55

  • Thanks - this I have already seen. What I don't understand is why the static objects of the class are not wrapped with the instance? I was not trying MyClass.MAIN, but myClassInstance.MAIN.
    – Vojtěch
    Mar 12, 2012 at 9:45
  • 1
    Maybe it just didn't occur to the author of BeansWrapper back then... But, I think that wouldn't be a real solution of the problem anyway, because sometimes you want to access static members when there's no instance around. Something like "com.example.MyClass"?statics would be more appropriate (although it calls for yet another class-loading based security setting -- ?new already has one).
    – ddekany
    Mar 12, 2012 at 11:58

I know that this question already have an accepted answer but I am still writing piece of code that can be help full for some one else.

Use below piece of code in java

BeansWrapper w = new BeansWrapper(); 
TemplateModel statics = w.getStaticModels(); 
map.put("statics", statics); // map is java.util.Map
template.process(map, out); // template is freemarker.template.Template

Then access constant in ftl


here com.model.to.gen.Common is a class and FLAG_YES is a static constant.


You can use expose fields option. So you can use data models without accessors (getters/setters).

BeansWrapperBuilder wrapperBuilder = new BeansWrapperBuilder(Configuration.VERSION_2_3_23);

Template     template     = freemarkerConfiguration.getTemplate("mytemplatefile.ftl");
StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();

template.process(model, stringWriter, wrapperBuilder.build());


I have another similar but effective way.
First, we can create a util class like this:

 * FreeMarker Utils.
 * @author Eric Chan
public abstract class FreeMarkerUtils {

     * init for static classes and fields.
     * @param model model
    public static void initStatics(final Model model) {
        // you can also create the Version like: new Version("2.3.27");
        BeansWrapper wrapper = new BeansWrapper(new Version(2, 3, 27));
        TemplateModel statics = wrapper.getStaticModels();
        model.addAttribute("statics", statics);


And next, invoke it in your Controller:


That's all, now you can access static variables in your .ftl like this:


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