bundle update and bundle install is ver fantastic. However, is there a good way to undo bundle install and bundle update if something went wrong ?

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There is one obvious way:

git checkout -- Gemfile.lock

and then run

bundle install

It assumes you use git - but who does not now days, I have everything in git.

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    git checkout by default tries to checkout git branch, if you specify -- it knows it has to checkout files ... it's only in case you would have a branch named the same as one of your files - but it's a good habit.
    – mpapis
    Commented Mar 12, 2012 at 15:30

I went into Github, copied my old Gemfile.lock that I wanted and pasted it into my Gemfile.lock in my code and then ran bundle install.


I tried to follow the accepted answer but I was still getting errors. This is what worked for me:

git checkout -- Gemfile.lock

And then:

bundle pristine

As described in the Bundler docs, bundle pristine restores installed gems to their pristine condition.

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