I am experimenting with arrays, and am reading the book "Beginning Ruby on Rails" by Steve Holzner. I made the program:

array = ['Hello', 'there', 1, 2]
puts array[1]
puts array[3]
puts array.length
array2 = Array.new
puts array2.length
array2[0] = "Banana"
array2[1] = 6
puts array2[0] + " " + array2[1]
puts array3.length

It doesn't do much, but when i run it i get the error

arrays.rb:9:in `+': can't convert Fixnum into String (TypeError)
    from arrays.rb:9

Why do I get this error?


You can't add a string and a integer (Fixnum), in this case you tried to add 6 to "Banana".

If on line 9 you did this:

puts array2[0] + " " + array2[1].to_s

You would get:

"Banana 6"
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    Beat me by seconds. :) – Marc Talbot Mar 13 '12 at 3:26
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    I'd add throwing an error here is a feature of a strongly typed language, of which Ruby is one example. PHP, a weakly typed language, would allow such chicanery. – bernie Mar 13 '12 at 3:30
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    @bernie It's more of a direct result of Ruby's type coercion rules, not its strong typing. For example, Float + Fixnum in Ruby is legal because Ruby knows how to coerce one type to the other. You could actually reopen Fixnum and add a coerce method that would make String + Fixnum legal as well. – Marnen Laibow-Koser Jun 14 '12 at 16:58

array2[1] is 6, which is a Fixnum. It doesn't know how to add itself to a string (which in this case is Banana. If you were to convert it to a string, it would work just fine.

puts array2[0] + " " + array2[1].to_s

The error is basically saying you cannot convert array2[1] (the value is a number, a type Fixnum in this case) into a String type. The way you would work around this is to convert the type into a String (this is for line 9 where the error occurs):

puts array2[0] + " " + array2[1].to_s

The array2[1].to_s converts the number into a String type.


Haven't tried this myself, but try replacing

puts array2[0] + " " + array2[1]


puts array2[0] + " " + array2[1].to_s
  • array2[0] is already a String type, you want to convert element 1 (array2[1]) as it holds the "6" – Kevin Jalbert Mar 13 '12 at 3:29
  • @Kevin Jalbert Yeah I saw it. Thanks! – Chetter Hummin Mar 13 '12 at 3:30
  • No problem, just pointing it out (glad you caught it also). – Kevin Jalbert Mar 13 '12 at 3:31

Here is a way to convert a FixNum expression into a string,

print (x+20).to_s + "\sbanannas"

Didn't know you could tack on the FixnNum#to_s method to those parens.


you are trying to add an integer(fixnum) and a string, which is something you can't do on ruby unless you explicitly cast the integer(fixnum) to a string. in your code array2[0]holds a string value "banannas" and array2[1] holds an integer(fixnum) value 1. so for your code too run correctly you need too cast the value in array2[1] to a string value.

you can change your code on line 9 to this:

puts array2[0] + " " + array2[1]._s

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