There are two popular naming conventions:

  1. vc90/win64/debug/foo.dll
  2. foo-vc90-win64-debug.dll

Please discuss the problems/benefits associated with either approach.

I am also wondering if it is possible to expose meta-data (i.e. compiler, platform, build-type) in approach #1 in an easy to use, cross-platform manner.


#2 is good for distribution, where several variation will be packaged in the same folder/zip file together. However, you probably don't want all that information in the file name itself, as it make it difficult to vary those via parameters to your makefile/csproj/nant script etc. It would be easier to have several files called "foo" in different folders (where you can decide the folder structure)


For .NET assemblies, you can store this information in the assembly itself:


I'm not familiar enough with other assembly types to know what they provide.

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