I have a method that returns a value, and I want this value to be the new location of a label in a windows form application. but I'm being told that a label's location is not a variable. objectA is the name of the label.

objectA.Location.X = (int)A.position;

how do I do this?

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Use the Left property to change X coordinate of a Label

objectA.Left = 100;
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    In the end, both the Left property and the Location property use the SetBounds method internally. The advantage with the Left property is that you don't have to create a new Point object witch might be a bit faster if you do it intensely... Jun 12, 2009 at 9:59

the Location property is of type Point, which is a value type. Therefore, the property returns a copy of the location value, so setting X on this copy would have no effect on the label. The compiler sees that and generates an error so that you can fix it. You can do that instead :

objectA.Location = new Point((int)A.position, objectA.Location.Y);

(the call to Refresh is useless)


This works to me

this.label1.Location = new Point(10, 10);

You even do not need to call Refresh or SuspendLayout etc.

so this should help you

this.label1.Location = new Point((int)A.position, (int)A.otherpos);

objectname.Location = System.Drawing.Point(100,100);


You can only set properties of structs if you have a direct reference to that struct:

Point loc = objectA.Location;
loc.X = (int)A.position;
objectA.Location = loc;
objectA.Location = new Point((int)A.position, objectA.Location.Y);

Location is no a variable, just a public Property. Changing variables through properties is a bady idea unless you have events that update the parent.

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