When I run the following command

svn copy http://host/svn/someproject/trunk \ http://host/svn/someproject/tags/uteeni -m"adding externals"

I get a svn:

Cannot mix repository and working copy sources error

reply, what am I doing wrong? The tags folder has been added to the project and the trunk as well.

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Removal of "\" fixed the issue. Here is my command which worked:

svn copy from_url to_url -m "my comments for tag"
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It happens when paths are incorrect. Also helps to use //server:8080/... instead of //server/... if using http: And '\' is not needed if you type command in 1 line.

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I have also seen this problem when I've pasted the command from MS Word. Somehow I believe Word changed the formatting of some of the characters in the text. Retyping an identical command from scratch solved this problem.

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    I had the same problem while pasting from PowerPoint. I've tried retyping only parts pf the command, and it worked when I've replaced the "-m" part, so I guess MS Office tries to be helpful by changing the minus sign to something else. – flegmatyk Jan 16 '12 at 6:07

Is that backslash supposed to be in your question?

Otherwise it's probably to do with your svn client being a different version that your server. I've seen that fail with a similar error message before.

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  • to be honest I'm not sure, but if I remove it I get svn: '/svn/someproject/!svn/bc/23/tags' path not found – kristian nissen Jun 9 '09 at 10:38
  • found the problem, tags folder created inside trunk... damn – kristian nissen Jun 9 '09 at 10:40


.... -m "adding externals"

I think you need a space after -m (make sure the tags directory exists)

Or execute the command on the server

svn copy file:///svn/someproject/trunk file:///svn/someproject/tags/uteeni -m "adding externals"

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