I have a trouble in restoring MySQL table back to the database from command line. Taking backup of a table is working with mysqldump.Taking backup and restoring of a database is also working properly. I have used:

mysql -uroot -p DatabaseName TableName < path\TableName.sql

Thanks in advance


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Ah, I think I see the problem here.

Your backup script looks fine. tbl_name works correctly as the optional 2nd argument.

To restore, you should simply run

mysql -uroot -p DatabaseName < path\TableName.sql

Running man mysql would have shown you the correct arguments and options

mysql [options] db_name

As your backup script only contains one table, only that table will be restored into your database.


Taking backup

mysqldump -u -p mydatabase table1 > database_dump.sql

restoring from backup flie need not include table name

mysql -u -p mydatabase < database_dump.sql

Best way to restore your database:

open cmd at bin folder

login to mysql:

mysql -uroot -pyour_password

show databases;

use db_name;

now hit source and put the complete path from address bar where your sql file is stored and hit ;

for example :

source db_name.sql;

Copy your db.sql file to your Mysql Server if you are in a remote machine:

$rsync -Cravzp --progress db.sql user@

Now you can go to your remote server as:

$ssh -l user

In the Mysql Server you must to do this:

user@machine:~$mysql -h localhost -u root -p

Obs: The file db.sql must be in the same place (/home/user).

Now type this command in you Mysql Server:

mysql>'\'. db.sql + Enter. Obs: Remove all ' from this command to work

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