I am currently using jQuery UI widget factories and i am kind of struck in calling public methods with parameter.

This is what i have done.


public_method_without_params: function(){
  //do something;

public_method_with_params: function(word){
  //do something;

I'm trying to call public_method from outside. If it doesn't have a parameter i would have done either

(i) $('#some-element').MyWidget("public_method_without_params")


(ii) $('#some-element').data("MyWidget").public_method_without_params();

Is it possible to call the public_method_with_params similar to (i) mentioned above?



You can. The syntax (I believe) is as follows:

$('#some-element').MyWidget("public_method_with_params", word);
  • No luck :( Currently i have used $('#some-element').data("MyWidget"). public_method_with_params(word); – Prasanna Mar 14 '12 at 8:09

Currently i have done this:

$('#some-element').data("MyWidget"). public_method_with_params(word);

and it works. Only problem is that i need to initialise "MyWidget" before this.


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