Can anyone recommend a book or a website that explains Internet Explorer Automation using VB.NET? I understand that mshtml and ShDocVw.dll can do this, but I need a resource that will explain it to me. I want to read/write values as well as click buttons.

The only book I have come across so far is .Net Test Automation Recipes. Is this the one for me?


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You can take a look at WatiN if you want some source code that goes in depth in terms of automating IE. In fact it may do exactly what you are trying to do.


The only book I am aware of dedicated to this subject at the IE COM level is the digital Wrox publication Introduction to programming Internet Explorer in C# by Nikit Zykov. Although the examples are in C# the content is just as useful for VB.NET programmers. But as already mentioned you would probably be better off using one of the simpler IE COM wrapper APIs such as WatiN.


Check this article : Internet Explorer Late Binding Automation Internet Explorer automation sample code using late binding, without Microsoft.mshtml and shdocvw dependency.