I've got an interactive report in Apex with some columns. The user has the option to download the report as CSV file with the standard functionality.

Is there a way to hide a column in the export but display it on the screen.

(Background: one column is a custom link that should not be exported into the CSV)

Thank you ! Paul


You can hide it by putting a condition on the column of type PL/SQL Expression and using the following as the expression:


That will check the APEX bind variable "REQUEST", and if it is CSV, XLS, PDF, XML, RTF or HTML then the column will not be shown!

More info
To stop a column from showing up for an email, you can use the following:

NVL(wwv_flow.g_widget_action, 'EMPTY') != 'SEND_EMAIL'
  • As of 19.2, these request values are appearing as IR[R47011529768140720]_HTMLD, IR[R47011529768140720]_CSV - so perhaps these should now be LIKE statements? – Scott Dec 8 '20 at 8:13

This one did not work for me:


So another workaround could be the following:

instr(nvl(:REQUEST,'~'),'XLS') = 0 and instr(nvl(:REQUEST,'~'),'PDF') = 0 and instr(nvl(:REQUEST,'~'),'HTMLD') = 0

Same logic applies for csv, rtf, etc.

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