${requestScope['javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path']} gets me the right string, but not including parameters that might be set in the url.


http://localhost/path/i/want?param=1 should give me a string /path/i/want?param=1

I have a feeling this should be done easily but can't figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

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It's available by ${requestScope['javax.servlet.forward.query_string']}.


I have been looking for a while too.

<c:set var="req" value="${pageContext.request}" />
<c:set var="baseURL" value="${fn:replace(req.requestURL, req.requestURI, '')}" />
<c:set var="params" value="${requestScope['javax.servlet.forward.query_string']}"/>
<c:set var="requestPath" value="${requestScope['javax.servlet.forward.request_uri']}"/>
<c:set var="pageUrl" value="${ baseURL }${ requestPath }${ not empty params?'?'+=params:'' }"/>
  • JSTL was complaining about the += in the tertiary operator so I changed to <c:set var="pageUrl" value="${baseURL}${requestPath}${not empty params ? '?'+params : '' }"/> Jun 11, 2021 at 4:58

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