Just got to grips with RavenDB - which is awesome - however I am getting a little stuck with a query. I running a foreach and using the Store() method to save some data and once complete using the SaveChanges() method.

Once I have stored this information, I need to reference this information to store some additional information (don't worry if you slightly confused at this point the code will make it clear!) but when I reference the information there is no information to be found.

So, first of all I add some data:

foreach (var development in developments)
                Console.WriteLine(" - Working on Developmnent ID: " + development.devID);
                Session.Store(new Domain.Development
                                      Id = "D" + Convert.ToString(development.devID),
                                      Name = development.devName,
                                      Street = development.devStreet,
                                      Town = development.devTown,
                                      County = development.devCounty,
                                      Postcode = development.devPostcode,
                                      Country = development.devCounty,
                                      Description = "",
                                      Longitude = GeoData.Longitude(development.devPostcode),
                                      Latitude = GeoData.Latitude(development.devPostcode)


Now, because of the limitations with the number of queries that can be ran within the session, I retrieve the whole dataset and store in memory:

var developmentList = from d in Session.Query<Domain.Development>()
                      select d;

Now when I add a break point at the end of this there is no data to be found. Do I need to create another session to retrieve this data?

I have also tried

var developmentList = Session.Query<Domain.Development>();

Here is the code where I create the session too:

internal static DocumentStore Store;
internal static IDocumentSession Session { get; set; }

internal <<Constructor>> ...
Store = new DocumentStore { ConnectionStringName = "RavenDB" };

IndexCreation.CreateIndexes(Assembly.GetCallingAssembly(), Store);

Session = Store.OpenSession();
  • Don't forget to call Session.SaveChanges() to commit the Store to the db. – Eric King Mar 14 '12 at 14:49
  • Yea, sorry I didn't put it in the example above - after the foreach loop I do Session.SaveChanges(); – Matt Mar 14 '12 at 14:53

It's not recommended you do this. Goes back to safe by default concept of RavenDB.


If you just stored those values, why do you need to save them to the database and the re-load them from the database? Just use the in memory collection and that would be it.

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