Business Objects Web Services returns error codes and I have yet to find a good resource where these are listed and what they mean. I am currently getting an "The resultset was empty. (Error: WBP 42019)". Any ideas on where these might be listed? I've called Business Objects support and the tech couldn't even tell me. Anyone?

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The best I have found is the "Error Message Guide" from Business Objects.

If you can't find the error code in that guide then you end up having to deal with standard debugging of an undocumented application.
1. Read the message, maybe that will help.
2. Check the logs on the server, local machine if DeskI.
3. See if the BOB Forum has the answer in its search.

The example you have listed appears to be that no data was retrieved. Double check that the query that was generated is correct and should normally bring back results.

  • It looks like that guide doesn't have that error message. I did determine that the another process was removing the document before I retrieved it from the server. I have solved this particular problem but am stuck as to know where to look for other errors I have seen. Thanks for the tips. – spig Sep 22 '08 at 21:27

This is the best place that I have found:

Each error code is a link with a description.

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