I have a gridview from database and the issue is i want to print the whole page when the user click the print button each row of gridview print in given format as 3 row on 1 A4 size page.

gridview enter image description here

Printing format enter image description here


if you want to using javascript so you can try this

function printItn() {
                  //In my case i have append gridview in Panel that y..you can put your contentID which is you want to print.

                    var printContent = document.getElementById('<%= pnlForm.ClientID %>');
                    var windowUrl = 'about:blank';
                    var uniqueName = new Date();
                    var windowName = 'Print' + uniqueName.getTime();

        //  you should add all css refrence for your Gridview. something like.

                    var WinPrint= window.open(windowUrl,windowName,'left=300,top=300,right=500,bottom=500,width=1000,height=500');WinPrint.document.write('<'+'html'+'><head><link href="cssreference" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /><link href="gridviewcssrefrence" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /></head><'+'body style="background:none !important"'+'>');

Hops its helps


I will suggest you to use some reporting framework such as SSRS/Report-Viewer, Crystal Reports for generating such output.

For example, you can create the report definition in RDLC file having a group on some ranking function (to ensure three rows) and display it using ReportViewer control - have a look at this site for more information about reportviewer: http://gotreportviewer.com/

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