Where does iCloud source the app name that it displays in the iCloud preferences?

  • iOS: Settings.app > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Store > Documents & Data
  • OSX: System Preferences > iCloud > Manage ...

I know that iCloud will list an app as "Unknown" with a blank icon initially (and that did happen in my case), however my app is now appearing in this list by its 'internal' name rather than its 'pretty' name (the app update containing iCloud is not yet submitted so this is doubly strange).

My gut says that the name would be defined as part of the CFBundleDocumentTypes or UTExportedTypeDeclarations sections in my app's info.plist but the name iCloud's using only appears in the UTI values there. Nor does the iCloud value match the app's CFBundleDisplayName or the description attached to the App ID in the provisioning portal.


This issue seems to only have been present during development. Once the update (containing iCloud functionality) was released my app began to show up in the iCloud preferences under its CFBundleDisplayName

  • Do you know what happens if the same iCloud data is used by multiple apps with different names? – murat May 24 '12 at 9:39
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    I have this happening in a live app. Both the wrong name (not the defined bundle name) is being used in Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage, and the white icon is displayed (the one with the 'construction lines'). I've seen users submit screenshots with the same issue so I know it's not just me. Also, on my devices it seems to affect Pixelmator as well - it has the white icon, and it's not the bundle name being used (capitalisation wrong). It's not a missing icon, as if you go to the root screen in Settings down where the apps are, the icons are all there. – Rob Glassey Aug 30 '15 at 18:43

For the benefit of anyone using Core Data and syncing via iCloud: You will need to give your model file, i.e. the .xcdatamodeld file, the same name as your app. That is inherited by the corresponding .momd file which you then need to use in your URL definition for the iCloud. This filename is what the iCloud "Manage Storage" search picks up, not the app name.

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