I will develop a commercial web application based on PHP and MySQL database.

Now, I'm guessing about the JavaScript framework. I find several interesting frameworks like ExtJS, JQWidgets or DHTMLX.

Some of their components can be tested here:

However, I don't manage to find a recent comparisons of them.

Could you give me your opinion (advantages / drawbacks) about these frameworks:

  • Performance on huge data (especialy for grids filtering or sorting)
  • Licence costs
  • Compatibility with web browsers
  • Is it easy to find an information inside the documentation?
  • Are they buggy?
  • Usable with SSL connections?
  • Other points


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There's really no other sure way of evaluating than trying them out by yourself. You have to make trade-offs and these hugely depend on the kind of application you are planning to write.

If it's a small app, it might be a good chance to try out any one of them. If it's a large one you better have some experience with all your choices to make an informed decision. It looks you aren't really experienced with none of them - in such case you are in a much worse position as you don't really know what to look for when choosing.

Also, besides the features, there's usability and convenience. All these frameworks involve quite different coding styles. Some of these might be more to your liking than others.

It's hard to help you with such a general question. You need to work it out by yourself. Asking more specific questions and being more specific about your app can help along the way.


I have played around with ExtJS and JQWIDGETS, I do like both, however, thus far I have found JQWIDGETS to be extremely easy and quick and the support provided on the Forum is excellent.

EXTJS on the other hand, is also a powerful product which boasts its architect EDI. But does also make simple tasks slightly difficult and the support/responses on their forums can be very slow or none existent...

At the end of the day, like anything, comes down to personal preference. Good Luck!

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