I need to create options of a select element dynamically via an ajax call. The number of options and their content will vary. This is how it looks prior to the ajax call:

 <select name="groupid" style="width:100%;">
<option value="0" selected>(Please select an option)</option>

Here is one of my attempts to create an option element with a dummy value:

$("<option></option>", {value: "999"}).appendTo('.select-group');

But it adds it outside of select. I also don't know how to set the text within .

Any ideas? I've seen some questions about populating existing select forms with a static number of existing options but not one like this.


  • If '.select-group' is your select element, then it will work, though you probably want to give it some text too: {value: "999", text: "999"}. – user1106925 Mar 15 '12 at 20:55
  • read more here - kvcodes.com/2016/10/… – Kvvaradha Oct 16 '16 at 4:42

Where's .select-group? If you use id of #groupid then this should work just fine...


Here is the solution..

$('#yourSelectBoxId').append(new Option('optionName', 'optionValue'));

If I understood correctly, below is what you need,

     {value: "999", text: "Nine Ninety Nine"})


Provided .select-group is the selector for the <select></select>


Here is alternative solution. this worked for me.

$('#yourSelectBoxId').append("<option value='Saab'>Saab</option>");

This worked for me:

$('#chat_list').append(new Option(this.subject, this.key_remote_jid));

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