I'm struggling to combine nohup, open_init_pty and sudo in a one-liner. Something like this:

nohup open_init_pty sudo bash -c "command1;command2"

My requirements are a little strange:

  • Use nohup so parent shell can exit cleanly
  • open_init_pty as actually inside a remote SSH via PHP which requires this
  • sudo to run privileged commands
  • Run multiple commands - hence the bash -c line

I've tried to narrow down the problem using different combinations:

# works OK, output in nohup.out
nohup sudo bash -c "echo hello"

# works OK, hello output to console
open_init_pty sudo bash -c "echo hello"

# doesn't work
nohup open_init_pty sudo bash -c "echo hello"

What am I doing wrong??

  • Erm... eh. I removed the bounty as I was going to migrate to Unix & Linux. But it is tentatively on topic here. So if you want to put the bounty back on go ahead. Otherwise, @reply and I'll migrate. – user1228 Mar 19 '12 at 15:20

How about doing it without nohup? You can start a subshell like this:

(open_init_pty sudo bash -c "echo hello")

I sometimes do this with a & on the end, but your examples didn't run in the background. Anyway, this may accomplish your goal of not having the job terminate if the parent shell exits.

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