maybe it's some kind of default behavior that I'm ignoring, but at the moment I haven't the slightest idea of how once you click an element on the homepage of http://pinterest.com the url actually changes ie: http://pinterest.com/pin/60165344991931565/

At the same time the page is not changed! It just loads ajax content and injects the result inside the html.

I never saw a behavior such as this. I'm using latest Chrome.

  • and your question is? $10 says they're using a javascript app framework like backbone – tkone Mar 16 '12 at 15:17

Three words : History API HTML5

And one link : http://html5demos.com/history


There is a project on github for this: http://pjax.heroku.com/


Check out history.pushState, history.replaceState and popstate.


Use https://github.com/devote/HTML5-History-API for older browser. For example, there is integrated this library: http://spb-piksel.ru/history/ a copy of the site http://html5demos.com/history but with the integration of the library. Check on older browsers too.

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