I am in the planning stages of building an App for iphone / ipad (yes, very early stages)

I am basically wondering how much work is involved in having a seperate user registration process for an app i.e. letting users register an account and use login using that account and use the app.

Will this involve constructing / coding an entirely new database or is there software available that automates this process?

thanks in advance


You could have a look at a service like StackMob.

This allows you to utilise server based services with no server-side implementation on your part.


These guys here: parse.com are doing a great job to facilitate developers the setup of a cloud database to do many tasks that are common in iOS apps.

In particular there is a section dedicated to user management (sign-up and sessions) that is well described here: Parse iOS guide

Finally the service offers some user interface help also, look here even if probably it is better to give to the UI some personalization by coding your own UI.

  • It's nice, but if you have already the server and the tools you can do it by your own, it always depends on the level of the workforce, the hours and the result you want. – Panagiotis Apr 2 '12 at 19:27

There are some implementations, but if your app is going to have custom code executed by server, you'd better make your own code.

Use a server side language (php, perl, ruby, python, java) to do the registration.

You'll probably need a REST service and/or json if you are going for easy peasy stuff (if you are to web apps programming). Otherwise, you'll need to do xml parsing and other stuffs. Use asi-http for the interactions between server and the app, or if you are using ios5.x it has already a json parsing implementation.

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    actually, StackMob gives you the option to upload some code to their cloud and they execute it on their servers for you (full disclosure: I work for StackMob) – Aaron Apr 2 '12 at 19:05
  • additional plug (from a Parse employee). Parse's Cloud Code (parse.com/products/cloud_code) gives you before & after save triggers as well as arbitrary methods you can call from your apps over a RESTful protocol. – Thomas Bouldin Dec 15 '12 at 0:07

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