I am pulling files using curl in the mac OS X terminal and want to give them different names. Is there a way to specify a name, such as a "save as" function when using curl?


Either use the -o option, or redirect shell output to the file of choice by using >.

curl -o /path/to/local/file http://url.com
curl http://url.com > /path/to/local/file

If you want to preserve the original file name from the remote server, use the -O option.

curl -O http://url.com/file.html 

Stores the output from the remote location in the current directory as file.html.

  • Especially helpful given the Chrome "Copy to curl url" feature because an output file name can be appended easily. – rainabba Jun 1 '16 at 23:02

curl -o <name> <url> seems to do the trick..

HINT: You can also try with man curl...

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