I am doing my graduation project in the field of computer vision, and i have only taken one course in statistics that discussed very basic concepts, and now i am facing more difficulty in rather advanced topics, so i need help (book, tutorial, course, ..etc) to grasp and review the basic ideas and concepts in statistics and then dive into the details (statistical details) used in computer vision.

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    Statistics is a huge field. Are you looking for multivariate analysis, experiment design, correlation, testing, ANOVA, bootstrapping, etc..? Or are you looking for an R primer? (Not that any of these would necessarily bring the question back from a "Not A Real Question" close, but it would stand a chance of someone giving useful answers.) Is there a paragraph you're specifically having trouble understanding? – sarnold Mar 16 '12 at 23:03
  • This field is huge and very complex. Is there a particular aspect of computer vision (images, OCR, motion, etc.) you are interested in? Is there a particular language/library/device you'd like to use? Need more details!!! – Eugene Mar 16 '12 at 23:13

I assume you want something around the pattern recognition and machine learning fields. If so, I like this book, which is a good introduction and talks a bit about applications to CV. It also assumes you have some basic knowledge of probability theory, though. If you don't, I recommend this book.

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