I am working on the UI for a particular java application. I need to create a UI like this, can someone direct me as to what all to use to create this:

Required GUI

I am Sorry for the Paint Image. Hope it does the Purpose:-|. What I specifically need is -

  1. The Pink Tab containing the Application Title is always constant whereas the text in nearby label (written as "Changing title will vary).
  2. Also,the tabs - tab 1,2 and 3 need to be in the shape of a rectangle with circular ends.And these tabs should function as the tabs in a JTabbedPane.

1) only the way would be use Custom Look and Feel, part of them override BasicTabbedPaneUI and correctly

2) you can use customized and colorized BasicTabbedPaneUI, there are only about Colors, I leaving to override 4 navigations buttons and AbstractIcons inside those AbstractButtons

3) use most complex BasicTabbedPaneUI by aephyr,

4) for Customized TittleBar to create the JPanel with GradientPaint

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