var boxIdValue = 233;
var result = title + '<br/>@Html.ActionLink("Detail", "Show", "Boxes", new{boxId=233}, null)';

When I hardcode boxId then it works. But when I write:

var result = title + '<br/>@Html.ActionLink("Detail", "Show", "Boxes", new{boxId=boxIdValue}, null)';

It doesn't. Is it possible to mix javascript var and razor in this way?

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Have a look at this related Stack Overflow question.

The reason why this is a challenge is that the Razor method executes on the web server at render time while the javascript executes on the client browser at runtime.

I would solve this by doing something like

var boxIdValue = 233;
var link = '@Html.ActionLink("Detail", "Show", "Boxes", new{boxId=-1}, null)'
link = link.replace('-1', boxIdValue);
var result = title + '<br />' + link;
  • This only works if you dont have a second parameter. Something like new{boxId=-1,page=1} will fail.The separator & will be html encoded as &amp; and page parameter will not be available on the cation. For it to work you need to use @Html.Raw(Html.ActionLink...
    – Mathias F
    Dec 20, 2017 at 8:49

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