I've created a method for jquery's validator plugin, that works like the remote rule. The difference is that I'd like to display a dynamic error message (based on the ajax response).

jQuery.validator.addMethod("duplicate", function(value, element, params) { 
    var object_settings = this.settings;
    params.data[$(element).attr("name")] = value;
    $.post(params.url, params.data, function(response) {
        if (response == 'true'){ return true; }
        else {
            object_settings.messages[element.name] = response;
            return false;
    }, 'text');
}, '');

It works...sort of....it sets the message, but doesn't display it initially (if you validate the field a second time, the message is displayed).

Any suggestions?

(maybe the remote rule offers this functionality...I couldn't find anything in the documentation)

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Here's the solution....needed to call the showErrors function of the object:

jQuery.validator.addMethod("duplicate", function(value, element, params) { 
    var validator = this;
    params.data[element.name] = value;
    $.post(params.url, params.data, function(response) {
        if (response == 'true'){ return true; }
        else {
            var errors = {};
            errors[element.name] =  response;
            return false;
    }, 'text');
}, '');

Taken from "remote" in jquery.validate.js (lines 917 - 919)

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    The default error message is over writing the custom message, when I do this.
    – aqs
    Mar 12, 2013 at 13:31

Was looking for solution to this as well, and found this...

In the original example, if you change this line:

object_settings.messages[element.name] = response;

To this:

$.validator.messages.duplicate = response;

This works for me. I found it here: http://blogs.teamb.com/craigstuntz/2009/01/15/37923/


I have followed the process mentioned in the site http://blogs.teamb.com/craigstuntz/2009/01/15/37923/#comment-125774 and succeeded.

You have to call the method with the dynamic message, so that it will display that message. For example

$.validator.addMethod("validatePremium", function(value, element, param) {

    if( Condition )    

       $.validator.messages.validatePremium = "your message here";
       //enter code here
       return false;

    }, $.validator.messages.validatePremium);

this worked for me

var errorMsg = '', $valid = false;
$.validator.addMethod("methodName",function(val, elem){
      data : {},
         if(response.success == false){
            errorMsg = response.msg;
            $valid = response.success;
            $valid = true;
   $.validator.messages["methodName"] = errorMsg;
   return $valid;

make sure to replace "methodName" with your method name in this case "duplicate" in both places(addMethod function 1st arg and in the addMethod function body $.validator.messages["methodName"])

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