When using ASP.Net routing, how can you get the RouteData from the code-behind?

I know you can get it from the GetHttpHander method of the RouteHandler (you get handed the RequestContext), but can you get this from the code-behind?

Is there anything like...


...that you can access globally, like you can do with HttpContext?

Or is it that RouteData is only meant to be accessed from inside the RouteHandler?

  • To create a url just like Url.RouteUrl, you can use the GetRouteUrl-Method in the code-behind file. (I know this is not an answer to your question, but when I google for this problem I always find your question. So maybe it will help somebody. :-) Commented Jun 26, 2014 at 9:55

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You could also use the following:

//using System.Web;

You can use the following:

RouteTable.Routes.GetRouteData(new HttpContextWrapper(HttpContext.Current));
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    Be aware by doing this you're calling into the routing again all over again and this is like N number of requests hitting your route table.
    – Chad Moran
    Commented Jul 14, 2011 at 0:05
  public string CountryPhonecode()
     // Get routdata by key, in our case it is countryname
     var countryName = Request.GetRouteData().Values["countryname"].ToString();

     // your method
     return GetCountryCodeByName(string countryName);

I think you need to create a RouteHandler then you can push the values into HTTPContext during the GetHttpHandler event.

foreach (var urlParm in requestContext.RouteData.Values) {
    requestContext.HttpContext.Items[urlParm.Key] = urlParm.Value;

You can find more information in this MSDN article.

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