How can ı add row numbers like this:


RowNumber ID Name Age

1            231     test     43
2            324     test2    45
3            354     test3    34


RowNumber ID Name Age

1          657     test4    43
2          534     test5    45
3          678     test6    34

I want to do row numbers like this example.. For each group my row numbers will reset and start from 1 to groups row count.. My gruops(GROUP 1,GROUP 2, ....) are coming from db dynamically! How many group I have is not clear! here is I found some solutions but I think those solutions are available for how many groups when we know!


RDLCs have a RowNumber("ScopeName") Function. This will return the row number of the record within the given scope.

You can see the existing groups for the report below the designer under a "Row Groups" and "Column Groups" headers. Select the column inside the grouping where you want the row number and view the Row Columns, The default names will be:


Set the expression for the Row Number column to be


Right Click on your Report property then go to code then paste the code below

   Dim private count as integer = 0
   Dim private iniRow as integer = 0
   Dim private iniGrp as Object = ""
   Public function MatrixRow(Byval rowNum as integer,Byval rowGrp as Object) as integer

   if iniGrp = "" then
      iniGrp = rowGrp 
   end if

  if rowGrp <> iniGrp then
      iniRow = 0 
      count = 0 
      iniGrp = rowGrp 
  end if

  if iniRow = 0 then
      iniRow = rowNum
  end if

  if rowNum = iniRow then
     count = 0
  end if

   count = count + 1
   Return count
  End function

then use this function like

  • This is working except every page the counter resets so it displays 1, 2 .. so on again. – jegtugado Apr 30 '16 at 0:31
  • This put me on the right track, but I really wanted my table rows to be numbered regardless of data or groups or anything else, so I just removed the references to iniGrp, rowGrp and the two if..then. statements including them from the code, and the second parameter in the function call and it worked perfectly. – Philip Stratford Jul 20 '17 at 16:42

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