I've seen this answer, and I wonder (I hope) if C++11 has come up with a native better method to concatenate, and possibly format, strings.

With "better" I mean actually really one-line, like in pretty much all higher level languages (bonus points if it supports something like python's "formatted string"%(tuple) syntax but I guess that's really hoping for too much).

The ideal result should be something like:

my_func("bla bla bla" << int(my_int) << "bla bla bla");

The only barely acceptable methods listed in that answer are the fastformat ones, but I wonder if C++11 managed to do better.

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    concatenation or conversion? – thecoshman Apr 15 '13 at 14:51

C++11 introduces to_string() functions:

my_func("bla bla bla" + to_string(my_int) + "bla bla bla");

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