How can I restrict a user_account in MySQL database to a particular tables. Ex:

UserName: RestrictedUser
DatabaseName: db_Payroll 

I want to restrict "RestrictedUser" to tb_Users and tb_Employees only and the rest of the tables of db_Payroll that will be created for future use is granted to have access.


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Assuming the user has no current privileges, you can do the following

GRANT SELECT, INSERT, DELETE ON db_Payroll.tb_Users TO RestrictedUser@'%'
GRANT SELECT, INSERT, DELETE ON db_Payroll.tb_Employees TO RestrictedUser@'%'

Depending on exactly which privileges you wish to grant the user, you can change SELECT, INSERT, DELETE to something else, e.g. ALL PRIVILEGES.

Afterwards, remember to flush the privileges so they become effective by running


You can grant access to individual tables by running:

GRANT ALL ON db_Payroll.tb_Users to RestrictedUser@RestrictedHostName;

And similarly for other tables. Use a list of operations instead of ALL if appropriate.

You cannot grant access to individual tables which do not exist yet without granting access to all tables.

  • "You cannot grant access to individual tables which do not exist yet without granting access to all tables." that is my main problem, db_Payroll is used by payroll application, I am creating a webinterface using a php and i want to secure the connection without writing the connection settings what were used by payroll application.
    – aintgel
    Mar 20, 2012 at 4:04
  • 9
    So decide what your tables will be, and grant access to the appropriate ones. If you're thinking of a design that involves creating tables at runtime, STOP! Don't do that.
    – user149341
    Mar 20, 2012 at 4:14

Assuming the user has no current privileges, if you have a lot of tables and you only want to give the user access to a few of those tables, the simplest work-around I know of is using a technique I personally refer to as QueryCeption™ (Query Within a Query):

SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(CONCAT('grant select on `db_Payroll`.', table_name, ' to `RestrictedUser`@`%`') SEPARATOR ';
') from information_schema.tables where table_schema = 'db_Payroll' and 

This will output a text field that you can copy and paste into your editor. This particular example will grant SELECT privileges to all tables that are not within the restricted table array for that user.

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