Is it possible to do a bulk insert with Sitecore Rocks? Something along the lines of SQL's


If so, what is the syntax? I'd like to add an item under any other item of a given template type.

I've tried using this syntax:

 insert into (
Path + '/Item',

To this, Query Analyzer responds: "values" expected at position 440.

Please note that I have not found a working concatenation operator. For example, Select @@item + '/value' from //sitecore/content/home/* just returns '/value'. I've also tried ||, &&, and CONCATENATE without success.

There is apparently a way of doing bulk updates with CSV, but doing bulk updates directly from Sitecore Query Analyzer would be very useful


Currently you cannot do bulk inserts, but it is a really nice idea. I'll see what I can do.

Regarding the concatenation operator, this following works in the Query Analyzer:

select @Text + "/Value" from /sitecore/content/Home

This returns "Welcome to Sitecore/Value".

The @@item just returns empty, because it is not a valid system attribute.

  • Well considering Jakob created Sitecore Rocks, this appears to be the answer. – Mark Ursino Mar 22 '12 at 19:08

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