I am using jqplot for drawing line chart. I am returning String from java to javascript that holds co-ordinate for y-axis in the format "00.04|00.70|01.22|03.49". I split this string in javascript with "|" and that return array. Now I want to draw a line graph with y-axis coordinates as 00.04, 00.70, 01.22, 03.49 but I am not able to draw graph with specified coordinate.In order to draw graph I have to convert last co-ordinate to integer i.e 03.49 to either 3 or 4. Here is my code for javascript :

arrayFromJava = realJsString.split("|"); 

realJsString is the variable that stores the java string & now I split it with "|" to get array and try to draw line graph with code:

var plot1 = $.jqplot ('chart1',[arrayFromJava] ) 

any solution? please help.

  • Got my problem, I had to give "ticks:" for y-axis in javascript then it takes the last coordinate in float and it draws line properly. – Dhanesh Mar 20 '12 at 12:11

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