I am starting to use package knitr as a component in the workflow to produce HTMLand PDF reports from a Markdown input file.
I would like to set some knitr package options specifically tailored to the format of the output file. Currently I manually switch back and forth the following two lines:

<!--roptions dev='png', fig.width=300px, fig.height=200px" -->
<!--roptions dev='pdf', fig.width=5, fig.height=4 -->

Is it possible to let knitr know which set of options to use based on output type, automatically?

Thank you.

  • You can use pandoc with knitr to produce html and pdf from the same markdown file. I will post an example shortly. – Ramnath Mar 20 '12 at 19:16
  • this is also what I started to do recently; you can make use of section 3.5 in the manual: github.com/downloads/yihui/knitr/knitr-manual.pdf (assign variables instead of fixed values to your chunk options), and I believe Ramnath can show you a good workflow. BTW, fig.width=300px is not valid; it always has to be numeric (unit in inches): yihui.name/knitr/options – Yihui Xie Mar 20 '12 at 21:36
  • Thank you Ramnath and @Yihui. I came up with a rather clumsy solution by letting knitr create the images in one of the two formats (let's say pdf). Then, in Makefile, convert all images to png (ImageMagick), search .pdf occurrences and replace them with .png in the knitted file (by sed), and finally pandoc it to html. This is the relevant part of Makefile I came up with: html:knit convert Rplots/*.pdf Rplots/*.png sed 's/.pdf/.png/g' $(DOCUMENTNAME).md > $(DOCUMENTNAME)-html.md pandoc -s --toc -c report.css $(DOCUMENTNAME)-html.md -o $(DOCUMENTNAME).html rm $(DOCUMENTNAME)-html.md – mbask Mar 20 '12 at 22:05
  • 1
    do you know that with the latest version of knitr, you can actually use a vector of devices? e.g. dev=c('png','pdf') so two formats will be created with one shot; Makefile should be a good way go to, but conversion from pdf to png may not be necessary; I also have another clumsy approach that I'm waiting for Ramnath to correct in github.com/yihui/knitr-book but you can see how I dealt with with different output formats – Yihui Xie Mar 21 '12 at 2:28
  • I have created a github repository that has a source.md file and a makefile that you can use to create html and pdf outputs. It is self-explanatory if you know pandoc and makefiles. I will a README.md when time permits :-). Here is the link to the repository github.com/ramnathv/knitr-pandoc – Ramnath Mar 21 '12 at 2:52

@Ramnath comment suggests a solution to producing pdf and html output from a unique Markdown file by setting specific options to knitrin the Makefile:

$(PDF): $(SRC) Makefile
Rscript \
  -e "library(knitr)" \
  -e "opts_chunk[['set']](dev = 'pdf')" \
  -e "pat_gfm()" \
  -e "knit('$<', 'temp.md')"
$(PANDOC) temp.md -o $@
rm temp.md

Here the format of images is set to pdf. Note that the pat_gfm() function has been added in the master branch on GitHub just 5 days ago and has not been released as a stable version yet.

Elaborating a bit to fully answer the question, the image dimensions can be easily setted by adding a couple of lines to the Makefile:

-e "opts_chunk[['set']](fig.width = 5)"\
-e "opts_chunk[['set']](fig.height = 5)"\

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