Does Visual Studio 2010 have a shortcut for quick fix?

I'm tired of grabbing the mouse, hovering over this red line, waiting for the little clipboard icon to appear, clicking on the first menu item. It would be so much fast to just open that dialog with some keys and confirming the first (i.e. selected) item.

  • Have a look at ReSharper. It is very useful for many quick fixes, refactoring and unit testing.
    – ianaldo21
    Mar 20, 2012 at 11:52
  • 6
    Thanks for this question .. trying to hover over that little line was driving me nuts
    – codeulike
    Mar 3, 2013 at 15:06

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The feature is called the "Smart Tag".

  1. Default Keyboard Shortcut Schemes (ReSharper documentation)

  2. Stack Overflow question How does one set Visual Studio 2010 keyboard shortcuts comfortably, especially when using ReSharper?

  3. Stack Overflow question Visual Studio keyboard shortcut to automatically add the needed 'using' statement

They can usually be invoked via the keyboard using either:

  1. Ctrl+. (on a standard QWERTY keyboard)
  2. Alt+Shift+F10 (if you've not got Function Lock enabled)

If your cursor is on the item that is underlined, you can use Ctrl + . to pop up the intellisence/suggestion context menu.


Alt + Shift + F10 does the trick.

Via @Rohit from Visual Studio keyboard shortcut to automatically add the needed using statement


If you want to edit the shortcut of quick fix you can do the following: Open Tools->Options->Keyboard and in the Show commands containing field enter EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.QuickActionsForPosition and replace the old shortcut with the new one.

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