I have the following tables:

create table TableA (
    Id int primary key identity,
    Key int not null

create table TableB (
    Id int primary key identity,
    TableA_Id int not null foreign key references TableA(Id),
    Value varchar(80) not null

I would like to write the following query in LINQ-to-SQL using lambda notation:

select TableA.Key, b.Value
from TableA
cross apply (
    select top 10 TableB.Value
    from TableB
    where TableA.Id = TableB.TableA_Id
    order by TableB.Value
) b
where TableA.Key between 0 and 999

How would I do this?


This should do the trick

var query = from a in context.TableA
            from b in context.TableB
                             .Where(x => x.TableA_Id == a.Id)
                             .OrderBy(x => x.Value)
            where a.Key >= 0 && a.Key <= 999
            select new
  • why i cannot use a in where condition for b? – mokh223 Jul 30 '18 at 4:43

//get latest activity info for every user

 var query = ActivityRepository.Where(p => p.iAction > -1 && 

   userIds.Contains(p.iSellerId)).GroupBy(c => c.iSellerId).Select(c => c.OrderByDescending(cc => cc.dBeginTime).First()).Select(a => new ActivityInfo

            ActivityId = a.iActivityId,
            StartTime = a.dBeginTime,
            SellerId = a.iSellerId,
            EndTime = a.dEndTime,
            ActivityName = a.sName,

this code will generate outer apply sytax.

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