I want to compile a tiny actionscript file. Is there something out there that exists and works?

I tried compiling and installing swftools without success. I also read about Flex SDK on all other posts. However all links are either broken or outdated. Seems like there isn't a package for Linux?


The easiest way to compile and test out ActionScript is to use Wonderfl. It is a web-based Flash IDE that will compile ActionScript and allow you to view and download the resulting SWF.

To develop on your own machine, you can use the Flex SDK, which can be downloaded from Adobe Open Source. This includes mxmlc, the command-line ActionScript compiler. You can find more information on using mxmlc in the Flex documentation. You could also try FB4Linux, a project that ports the Flash Builder IDE to Linux.

  • Wonderfl is awesome. Fast to the point! My only concern is that the generated .swf file is somehow bigger than other methods.
    – Pithikos
    Mar 21 '12 at 0:13

checkout redbean


it is a command line tool written in AS3 that reuse the asc.jar to compile AS3 to ABC (ActionScript ByteCode)

download the redtamarin SDK


it will gives you redshell, redbean, etc. for Linux

alternatively you can also install as3shebang which will allow you to run AS3 as shell scripts


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