I would like to print a nice formatted table to a graphics device. I am aware there is textplot(), however it seems not to support the tabular() function from the tables package, which I use to assemble my table.

Is there a workaround, maybe another pair of functions that can help me here?

EDIT: Here is an example of what I am trying to do:

dat <- data.frame(
    id=paste("id", 1:10), 
    loc=sample(c("north", "south"), 10, replace=TRUE), 
tab <- tabular(id + 1 ~ (val1 + val2)*loc*sum, data=dat)
#textplot(tab) # won't do it

(The call to tabular will become more complex, I am currently learning it step by step...)

Any hint appreciated! I am now thinking of using text with a monospaced fonts, but maybe there is something better?

EDIT2: Here is the accepted solution:


You could use capture.output with the printed form of the tabular output then pass the result to textplot. Or you could convert the result of tabular to a matrix and pass that to the addtable2plot function in the plotrix package.


I've been working on an update of gridExtra::grid.table that would support basic features of tabular(). You can try it:

# requires gtable

enter image description here

  • Where can I find the gtable package? – Karsten W. Mar 28 '12 at 14:59
  • it's at github – baptiste May 19 '12 at 0:26

The only graphics device that I know that would possibly accept LaTeX input is the tikzDevice::tikz. You might want to include the code your are sending to tables::tabular and we could see if the output is handled naturally.

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