How could we made a jar file's installer, which can run on multi-platform. Is there any simple way, because I don't know Java much well.



Installer tools for Java have been dealt with in quite many questions on SO, and most options have probably been mentioned already:

See also other questions tagged java+installer.

If a commercial tool is ok, the best multi-platform installer for Java software, to my knowledge, is install4j; I can definitely recommend it (more about my experiences with it).


Nearly half of our BitRock InstallBuilder customers use it for Java deployment. It is multiplatform and runs in all the major platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, HP-UX (and most of the obscure ones too :)


izPack is pretty nifty and supports multi-platform installations.


If the target audience have access to the web, you could have a look on Java Web Start which allows you to basically do all you need.

It requires the user to click a link and download.


Well the best way is to use InstallAnywhere that is good for install or packagging any of the applicaion in desktop.

here theInstallAnywhere go to site register your self and download one trial verson.

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