My projects host on Google Code and I use emacs to edit project files. So the readme file is org-mode file.

In GitHub it can use org-mode file as project's description. But in Google Code, the description is format at Wiki markup.

I try to convert org-mode file to wiki markup use http://labs.seapine.com/htmltowiki.cgi. But it looks bad.( http://code.google.com/p/translate-emacs-toolkit/ )

So my question is "Did anyone encounter the same problem?" and "How do you solve?".



The reason why it works on GitHub is because of the package org-ruby written by Brian Dewey. GitHub has somehow agreed to run this bit of ruby code for parsing org-mode files on their servers. You would likely need to convince Google of the same, if you wanted to use on Google Code.

As far as exporting org-mode directly to wiki markup, I don't know of any current projects. There are a few plugins mentioned for other bits of code for converting to wiki-like syntax on the Org Blogs and Wikis page.

  • Thanks. Your information is usefull. I am not familiar with ruby. Is there similar one in python? I will learn ruby soon. – coordinate Mar 22 '12 at 1:31
  • Not that I know of, but I've not researched it extensively. – cm2 Mar 22 '12 at 3:05

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