I have some basic knowledge about web security that I have gained through years of experience. Now I am interested in extending my knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding on how the exploit of common vulnerabilities (XSS, SQL Injection, etc.) is accomplished.

Can any of you point out some resources that...

  • Explain technically the most common vulnerabilities in web sites
  • Explain some less frequent (or less noticed) but possible vulnerabilities
  • Give you a vulnerable test site and guide you (preferably step-by-tep) through the process of exploiting its vulnerabilities

If possible, I would like these resources to be focused on ASP.NET WebForms and MVC.

Note: I don't need to test a specific application, I want resources that allow me to better understand how this security flaws are created in web sites and how they are exploited by malicious users.


I also found this great resource on Google Code University that explains everything in a really understandable, cheesy, way.


You should read following series:

(and it ends with free ebook).

  • Thanks! Just what I was looking for. – Meryovi Mar 23 '12 at 12:22

you have a demo site:WebGoat, (for download) and also you can use the site: 'Hack this site'. they also may have video answers for the exercises.

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