I have made my custom module in magento, in which I have set discount in dynamically. I am using following code for this. But when I have completed the payment procedure, the order status should be 'processing' but instead of this order status become "Suspected Fraud".

Please let me know what I have done wrong. Although discount added successfully in order information.

$order->setData('base_discount_amount', $discountAmt);

$order->setData('base_discount_canceled', $discountAmt);

$order->setData('base_discount_invoiced', $discountAmt);

$order->setData('base_discount_refunded', $discountAmt);

$order->setData('discount_description', 'Affliate Discount');

$order->setData('discount_amount', $discountAmt);

$order->setData('discount_canceled', $discountAmt);

$order->setData('discount_invoiced', $discountAmt);

$order->setData('discount_refunded', $discountAmt);

It's not easy to tell from your question. This can depend on which Magento payment gateway / method you are using (Paypal, Authorize.net, Saved Card etc) as each can implement different methods for transaction authorization, capturing etc.

Take a look at the default Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Payment class. This has several calls to a method called $this->getIsFraudDetected() when attempting to capture funds for a transaction and set the order status to Suspected Fraud if true like so:

if ($this->getIsFraudDetected()) {
    $status = Mage_Sales_Model_Order::STATUS_FRAUD;

In the default Payment class the fraud flag is set in the registerCaptureNotification() method when the _isCaptureFinal() method returns false:

if ($this->_isCaptureFinal($amount)) {
    $invoice = $order->prepareInvoice()->register();
} else {
    $this->_updateTotals(array('base_amount_paid_online' => $amount));

The _isCaptureFinal() methods returns false when the amount you are trying to capture does not equal exactly the remaining order balance.

 * Decide whether authorization transaction may close (if the amount to capture will cover entire order)
 * @param float $amountToCapture
 * @return bool
protected function _isCaptureFinal($amountToCapture)
    $amountToCapture = $this->_formatAmount($amountToCapture, true);
    $orderGrandTotal = $this->_formatAmount($this->getOrder()->getBaseGrandTotal(), true);
    if ($orderGrandTotal == $this->_formatAmount($this->getBaseAmountPaid(), true) + $amountToCapture) {
        if (false !== $this->getShouldCloseParentTransaction()) {
        return true;
    return false;

Check your totals (requested capture vs. outstanding balance) if using the default payment method or look at your payment methods implementation and use the above information to debug your code...

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  • I have changed the "false" flag into True. Now it's working for me. But still, Is there a best way to do this thing ? Actually I am having this problem with Paypal, as I am getting "Suspected Fraud" order status and due to this status my Customer not able to get Order email after payment via Paypal. -- Thanks in adv. – aforankur Oct 28 '13 at 12:12

It takes me a long time to solve this 0.10 error,

So I will share with you what was the problem in my case:



There is a _validate function in which PayPal checks the difference between $sum and $referenceAmount.

I replace it with:

if (sprintf('%.4F', $sum) == sprintf('%.4F', $referenceAmount)) {
    $this->_areItemsValid = true;

I found it in a Magento backup before the upgrade.

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