Someone may be able to help me to know how to retrieve the new id of a registered user.

I am needing it inside the components/com_users/controllers/registration.php file though.

This is because I have set an auto login after registration script in there and I am doing a little database insert but I need the users id to insert as well.

I know in joomla 1.5.2x i could use this

$newuid = $user->get('id'); 

But in 2.5 that doesn't seem to exist in the function for register() Starting on line 97 on this file components/com_users/controllers/registration.php

So if anyone knows how I can collect the newly registered id that would be great :)

Cheers John


You could try this:

$db = JFactory::getDBO();
$db->setQuery('SELECT id FROM #__users WHERE username = ' . $db->quote($data['username']));
$id = $db->loadResult();

However, I wouldn't recommend editing the "Joomla Core". The Joomla-way would probably be to create a plugin that gets a callback on the onAfterStoreUser.


Have you tried the following?

$user = JFactory::getUser(); 
$newuserid = $user->id;

I haven't tested it on 2.5 but think it should work.


In joomla 2.5 you can get it by


It will return 0 if you are not log in.

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