I try to run a program in SAS using batch mode. So I created a controlfile in SAS and wrote out as outfile(txt file). The nI wrote a code to make a bat file(proram1.bat) to run the proram but I don't get output file. the program is located at c:program files\programx. I wan t output file to be in C:\program1.out file. Anything wrong here?

data null;

file "C:\program1.bat";

put 'C:';

put "CD C:\program files\programx";

put "programx C:\program1.con C:\program1.out";


options xmin noxwait;

x "C:\program1.bat";

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When I replicate your code I get a valid bat file after SAS executes:

CD C:\program files\programx
programx C:\program1.con C:\program1.out

which I manually modified:

CD C:\program files\programx
:::programx C:\program1.con C:\program1.out

I see no problems on the SAS side.

  • thank you rshdev for the verification. I will look into what is wrong with other stuff.
    – user634455
    Mar 23, 2012 at 17:37

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