Is there a way NOT to escape the quotes in a string when using JSON Generator's method writeString? I'm getting the following result:


instead of:


I have tried replace('\\', ''); as well as replace('\\"', '"'); but didn't work.

Any help is appreciated.

  • Tell us more about what you're trying to do. Can you serialize an object or do you have to manually build the string? Commented Mar 23, 2012 at 4:07

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Solved it. Had to do the following:

String genString = gen.getAsString();
genString = genString.replace('\\"', '"');
genString = genString.replace('"{', '{');
genString = genString.replace('}"', '}');

Replacing on the fly didn't work for some reason.


Its better not to add in the above snippet in the RestResource Class rather I recommend to add this snippet before you parse the Json. It worked fine for me as i have the Json Generated from RestResource class.

"{\n "Status" : "Success",\n "Count" : 6,\n "Accounts" : [ "AccontFromMyVF", "United Oil & Gas, UK", "United Oil & Gas, Singapore", "United Oil & Gas Corp.", "AccontFromMyVF", "AccontFromMyVF12" ]\n}"

after adding the below

   Accountresult = Accountresult.replace('\\n', '');
    Accountresult = Accountresult.replace('\\"', '"');
    Accountresult = Accountresult.replace('"{', '{');
    Accountresult = Accountresult.replace('}"', '}');

My response turned into

{ "Status" : "Success", "Count" : 6, "Accounts" : [ "AccontFromMyVF", "United Oil & Gas, UK", "United Oil & Gas, Singapore", "United Oil & Gas Corp.", "AccontFromMyVF", "AccontFromMyVF12" ]}

from this Json we can easily perform parse actions

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