Are scalar udfs accessible to execute with EF?



Yes. This is supported, here is a quick walk through on howto do it.

Alter your EF SSDL:

<Function Name="AvgStudentGrade" ReturnType="decimal" Schema="dbo" >
  <Parameter Name="studentId" Mode="In" Type="int" />

Add a method stub with the appropriate attributes:

[EdmFunction("SchoolModel.Store", "AvgStudentGrade")]
public static decimal? AvgStudentGrade(int studentId)
    throw new NotSupportedException("Direct calls are not supported.");

Use it:

var students = from s in context.People
                   where s.EnrollmentDate != null
                   select new
                       name = s.LastName,
                       avgGrade = AvgStudentGrade(s.PersonID)

More info and full sample at:

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  • Thanks for the reply. I can't see but the .edmx and designer files. No SSDL file available. How to find it? Thanks – Bill Mar 23 '12 at 21:12

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