I'm trying to set an image as the background using this code:

root.setStyle("-fx-background-image: url('splash.jpg'); 
               -fx-background-position: center center; 
               -fx-background-repeat: stretch;");

But it doesn't work. If I set it with CSS, it works perfectly:


and CSS:

   -fx-background-image: url('splash.jpg');
   -fx-background-repeat: stretch;   
   -fx-background-position: center center;

All of my files (main class, CSS and image) placed into the same package.

So, how can I set the background image using code? Or, how can I override (replace) lines about background-image of some element in CSS from application code? Thanks!


Try next:

String image = JavaFXApplication9.class.getResource("splash.jpg").toExternalForm();
root.setStyle("-fx-background-image: url('" + image + "'); " +
           "-fx-background-position: center center; " +
           "-fx-background-repeat: stretch;");

If you really don't want to use CSS or the setStyle() method, you can use the following:

// new Image(url)
Image image = new Image(CurrentClass.class.getResource("/path/to/package/bg.jpg"));
// new BackgroundSize(width, height, widthAsPercentage, heightAsPercentage, contain, cover)
BackgroundSize backgroundSize = new BackgroundSize(100, 100, true, true, true, false);
// new BackgroundImage(image, repeatX, repeatY, position, size)
BackgroundImage backgroundImage = new BackgroundImage(image, BackgroundRepeat.REPEAT, BackgroundRepeat.NO_REPEAT, BackgroundPosition.CENTER, backgroundSize);
// new Background(images...)
Background background = new Background(backgroundImage);

You can find detailed documentation on BackgroundImage here.

(Sorry for replying to this old question.)

  • This just makes a blank VBox for me: pastebin.com/s71vYfDM
    – Monty
    Dec 17 '19 at 20:09
  • @JoshDiamond it looks to me as if the url given to the constructor of new Image(...) might not be correct in your code. Have you tried using getResource(...) instead? Dec 19 '19 at 7:47

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