I have some problem with WAMP server installed on my computer, every time I am trying to access a server file in the browser the page keeps on loading for hours and does not give me any errors.

So what I though is to go ahead and install and new one but my existing MySQL database has lot of data inside it that I do not want to loose, I tried to backup the database using command line but no help there as well.

Is there any way I can install a new WAMP server while keeping my existing MySQL database?


The wamp server stores all of mysql database table in .frm formate inside WAMP_DIR_LOCATION\bin\mysql\mysql5.5.16\data you need to rename this "data" folder to "data-old"

And when you have reinstall the wamp server just rename the "data-old" folder to "data" In this way you will not lose your database.


In the "WAMP_LOCATION/mysql/data" folder are the tables for MySQL. You can copy the folder and make a backup.

But you should look that you install the same version again. Sometimes MySQL has a problem with different versions.

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