I am in a strange problem. I am writing an application in core java which needs to access its own account at google docs. So after doing a lot of googling, I found that OAuth2.0 with Service Account is something I am looking for. But I am not using App Engine or anything. Its a simple application. I don't know how can I use the OAuth. I have written below code and I dont know how to proceed further. Looking for someone to guide me further:

GoogleCredential credential = new GoogleCredential.Builder().setTransport(HTTP_TRANSPORT).setJsonFactory(JSON_FACTORY)
                                                                    .setServiceAccountPrivateKeyFromP12File(new File("lib/key.p12")).build();

SpreadsheetService service = new SpreadsheetService("My test Service");
             //service .setOAuthCredentials(parameters, signer);

Thanks you !


From the Google Documents List API version 3.0 page, it seems that the Google Docs API is now deprecated, and you should instead use the Google Drive API. It also uses OAuth2, and thus also supports service accounts. For a quick start tutorial on connecting to Google Drive and creating a new file, see Quickstart: Run a Drive App in Java. For more Java specific OAuth2 information, see the google-api-java-client page, and in particular the Service Accounts section of that page.

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