I've sorted a chunk of data into sub-totaled fields using the Subtotal tool under the Data tab. However, you are only able to choose one formula to apply.

How can I apply a separate formula to one of the columns based on SUBTOTAL(1,RANGE)? So far I have populated it with Subtotal (9,RANGE), but is there a quicker method to select all of these and change the "9" to a "1"?


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  1. Select the column.
  2. Press CTRL+H.
  3. Find What: SUBTOTAL(9
  4. Replace with: SUBTOTAL(1
  5. Click Replace All

Assume your formulae are in the range A1:A5

Open up the VBE by hitting Alt+F11, and enter the following code in a general module of the same workbook

Function GetFormula(Cell As Range) As String
   GetFormula = Cell.Formula
End Function

I have got this code from http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/excel/formula.htm

For instructions on how to insert this code in a module, see the 'Where to put the code' section at http://www.cpearson.com/excel/writingfunctionsinvba.aspx

Now, you can extract the formula. Use this formula in a helper column, say column B


Now copy this formula upto where you need, and copy-paste values only back where required.

You can also use this trick to modify any other formulae you need, so I suggest you keep this snippet of code handy :)


Change first or last cell then copy it select all other cells(you can use Ctrl+Shift+up, down, left or right) then use past special and chose formulas

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