[root@file Engineer]# ls resume_Al_Kassar_9-29-08.doc.txt^M 
[root@file Engineer]# 

But I browse into that directory by "File Transfer Window",didn't see ^M at all

it's simply "resume_Al_Kassar_9-29-08.doc.txt"

Any anyone step into this issue ever?And how to solve this?

This .txt^M file is generated by another program,and is processed by "bashFileConvert" function(it's a PHP function).

$toF = bashFileConvert($toF);//this step generated ^M
$cmd = "$parser $file $arrow_str $toF";

How can I get rid of this annoying ^M?

Later on I found:

$arrow_str = $arrow ? '>' : '';
$file = bashFileConvert($file);
$toF = bashFileConvert($toF);
$cmd = "$parser $file $arrow_str $toF";
echo $cmd . "\r\n";

It should be the last line that caused this issue!


Some where you get a 'carriage return' character added to your filename.

It might be a MsDos/Unix text-file mismatch somewhere. MsDos is \r\n and unix only \n, ^M is \r (carriage return) I believe.

  • I updated my post,telling which step generated the ^M mark. – omg Jun 13 '09 at 0:21
  • You're going to need to show the code for the bashFileConvert function - this is adding the extraneous ^M character – 1800 INFORMATION Jun 13 '09 at 0:30
  • I think maybe I've found the reason,see my update. – omg Jun 13 '09 at 0:32

This is definitely a line endings issue. Most likely your PHP function is splitting text by \n , and your input actually is \r\n. You can convert your input to one line ending type by doing something like:

$data = str_replace("\r\n", "\n", $data);
$data = str_replace("\r", "\n", $data);

Now $data will only contain \n line breaks.

Edit after clarification

Don't use \r\n, just use \n and everything should be fine.

  • I updated my post,telling which step generated the ^M mark. – omg Jun 13 '09 at 0:22

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